Monday, June 23, 2008

June 22, 2008 - Louisville, OH

Dear Friends and Well wishers

Greetings from B'Care and AIDS Ride 2008 team

20 th June 2008, Friday
Continuation: Started from Columbus, It was a great time and fortunate that we happen to connect and live iin the home of3 amazing guys. All were so welcoming and did a great hospitality. They took us around and fed is dinner. It was all unforgettable treat we underwent. The guys names are Tom, Darien and Brayan. The Columbus is so beautiful and good place to study and live. Lots of students across the area we lived. One thing got to be noticed and remembered that everything is for a "cause" that we happen to see them in our journey of AIDS Ride 2008 that made us to revise our route map to a most comfortable and safe one! This is where I can see the God as a messenger beside AIDS RIDE 2008.
However, the we had a stressful kick start for the same day because after visiting the bike shop for minor correcting in the bike and the shop man blowed huge air that kicked the surge in pressure and the tube blasted right in front of in the The village park of the Ohio University. We were sweating and lot of time was wasted and one very special thing that I replace a tube for the first time in my life!!! Thus happen to leave the city by 1pm noon towards 62 all the way from Grove City, Harrisburg, Era, Mount Sterling and Washington Court House. We pitched our tent in the suburbs of Washington Court House, did night halt House. Total coverage: 53 Miles approximately which is lesser than our one day minimal coverage.(70 miles target)

21st June 2008, Saturday
We caught route 22 Sabina, Melvin, Wilmington, Sligo, Rochester, Sharon, Montogomerry, Norwood, New port, Cincinatti, we took route 42 to Covington, Erlanger. We reached by 1.30 Total miles covered: 88 miles. The AIDS Ride 2008 hub is cancelled due to heavy rains and strategic partner withdrawl. Thus we continued further without halting there anymore. Cincinnati is very beautiful like Toronto but the difference is the topographical elevations and declains that amuse the journey!!! The city in the night was so illuminating and very colorful and the reflection of the colors in the river Ohio was actually brightening the city completely. The river Ohio is the one that separates the the states of Ohio and Kentucky. So as you travel further 2 miles you could catch Covington, a place in Kentachy. Thus it was an amazing ride that night in the crossing color lights and border of Ohio and Kentucky states!!! We covered approximately 85 miles approximately.

22nd June, 2008, Sunday
We are continuing the Route 42 from Elsemere towards Florence, Union, Warsa, Carrollton, Bedford, Sligo, Sky light, Goshen, Prospect and Louisville. Total miles covered is 90 miles. It was already 10.30 pm night and our friend Dr. Elizabeth was waiting for us.Reached my friends home for pre-planned one day halt here. It was like 2.30 am to settle down. Before this we happened to continue in 42 and were lost there where because it was completely dark and thick forests and saw few signs "Do not use mobiles- Blasting zones" So we both were in trouble and crowed vehicles huge and big trucks and cars are running beside us with a speed of 80km/hr. Only thing that saved us was the blinking bike red lights!!!!! Thus contacted the cops after return back to a lighting and caught a cop. The cop and his colleagues helped us drive to my friends home. I seriously appreciate cops in Canada and USA who are always service oriented and nice to talk to. Most of the time cops were very god with us and treat nicely. The cops are Lieutenant Dennis Wine and Officer Larry Johnson, Prospect Police Department. Thanks to the department and thank God for things going well.

As we move we will update you periodically, thanks for reading.

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