Monday, June 23, 2008

June 22, 2008 - Louisville, OH

Dear Friends and Well wishers

Greetings from B'Care and AIDS Ride 2008 team

20 th June 2008, Friday
Continuation: Started from Columbus, It was a great time and fortunate that we happen to connect and live iin the home of3 amazing guys. All were so welcoming and did a great hospitality. They took us around and fed is dinner. It was all unforgettable treat we underwent. The guys names are Tom, Darien and Brayan. The Columbus is so beautiful and good place to study and live. Lots of students across the area we lived. One thing got to be noticed and remembered that everything is for a "cause" that we happen to see them in our journey of AIDS Ride 2008 that made us to revise our route map to a most comfortable and safe one! This is where I can see the God as a messenger beside AIDS RIDE 2008.
However, the we had a stressful kick start for the same day because after visiting the bike shop for minor correcting in the bike and the shop man blowed huge air that kicked the surge in pressure and the tube blasted right in front of in the The village park of the Ohio University. We were sweating and lot of time was wasted and one very special thing that I replace a tube for the first time in my life!!! Thus happen to leave the city by 1pm noon towards 62 all the way from Grove City, Harrisburg, Era, Mount Sterling and Washington Court House. We pitched our tent in the suburbs of Washington Court House, did night halt House. Total coverage: 53 Miles approximately which is lesser than our one day minimal coverage.(70 miles target)

21st June 2008, Saturday
We caught route 22 Sabina, Melvin, Wilmington, Sligo, Rochester, Sharon, Montogomerry, Norwood, New port, Cincinatti, we took route 42 to Covington, Erlanger. We reached by 1.30 Total miles covered: 88 miles. The AIDS Ride 2008 hub is cancelled due to heavy rains and strategic partner withdrawl. Thus we continued further without halting there anymore. Cincinnati is very beautiful like Toronto but the difference is the topographical elevations and declains that amuse the journey!!! The city in the night was so illuminating and very colorful and the reflection of the colors in the river Ohio was actually brightening the city completely. The river Ohio is the one that separates the the states of Ohio and Kentucky. So as you travel further 2 miles you could catch Covington, a place in Kentachy. Thus it was an amazing ride that night in the crossing color lights and border of Ohio and Kentucky states!!! We covered approximately 85 miles approximately.

22nd June, 2008, Sunday
We are continuing the Route 42 from Elsemere towards Florence, Union, Warsa, Carrollton, Bedford, Sligo, Sky light, Goshen, Prospect and Louisville. Total miles covered is 90 miles. It was already 10.30 pm night and our friend Dr. Elizabeth was waiting for us.Reached my friends home for pre-planned one day halt here. It was like 2.30 am to settle down. Before this we happened to continue in 42 and were lost there where because it was completely dark and thick forests and saw few signs "Do not use mobiles- Blasting zones" So we both were in trouble and crowed vehicles huge and big trucks and cars are running beside us with a speed of 80km/hr. Only thing that saved us was the blinking bike red lights!!!!! Thus contacted the cops after return back to a lighting and caught a cop. The cop and his colleagues helped us drive to my friends home. I seriously appreciate cops in Canada and USA who are always service oriented and nice to talk to. Most of the time cops were very god with us and treat nicely. The cops are Lieutenant Dennis Wine and Officer Larry Johnson, Prospect Police Department. Thanks to the department and thank God for things going well.

As we move we will update you periodically, thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Press Release
17th June 2008, Canton, Ohio, USA

Toronto-Mexico City

Dear Media Friends,

It is our pleasure to introduce B’CARE, an NGO working against HIV/AIDS in India and Canada, (registered internationally as a non profit, charitable NGO). We are glad to unveil our strategic partnership/ collaborative local project with Global Peace Tiles and HeArts Coming Together as a part of “AIDS Ride 2008”, Toronto to Mexico City, 7th- June to 3rd August, 2008.

HeArts Coming Together was founded in Canton, Ohio (Origin Station of the "LOVE Train") by John Stone (, and other members, as a link to connect people and with interest to bring positive change to our world >+=> “AIDS Ride 2008” collaborated with HeArts Coming Together and Arcadia Grille to organize a public Peace Tiles workshop on June 17 to support International AIDS awareness.

AIDS Ride 2008 is an affiliated event of AIDS 2008, 17th International AIDS Conference, Mexico City, ( AIDS Ride 2008 is a bike ride project across North America, a cross-country bike ride to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS for Native American and reservoirs of America. The culmination of AIDS Ride 2008 will trigger the opening ceremony of International AIDS Conference 2008. The ride started with a small group from Toronto on 7th June and currently a set of two bikers Giri Kumar Makarla and Surya Prakash Makarla are carrying the base line bike ride to Mexico City.

We eagerly look forward for your partnership and help to spread the message of AIDS in our efforts of AIDS Ride 2008, as working Together We will accomplish our goal!

Surya Prakash Makarla,
Steering Committee Executive Member,
AIDS Ride 2008,
Organizers: B’Care, Bike Rider’s Foundation, Ja In Us Arts, Canada,,,

June 21, Piece Tile Workshop at Columbus, OH

We had a great time the past two days, and now consider Surya and Giri Markarla as Family! : ) The lighter Peace Tiles material donated by Schneider's Lumber proved valuable, as they were able to take 10 tiles created during Our outdoor workshop at Arcadia Grille in Downtown Canton along with them to Mexico City.

One of my favorite tiles was created by Amy Starkey, who asked Surya if he ever imagined doing this, and he replied, "No, I didn't imagine, I just did it!" A profound statement and example to ALL! : )

Angelic LOVE! GOoD Day!

JS : )

"Have HeArt, Will Travel!"

June 20, Columbus, OH

Reached Canton on the same day and halted at place where we would do our Peace Tiles Project with our collaborator, Hearts comming together. The founder name is Johnstone , an amazing guy who is stuffed with abundant ideas and creativity. He has a blissfull soul and kind hearted. He introduced us his family where we are attached ourself as family members and becomming like brother to the strategic partner. Thats really amazing to experience!!!

17th Tuesday- International Peace Tiles project with Hearts comming together.
We started our project by 11 am at the down town Canton, supported by the ARCADIA Grille, the owner, Maria again amazing and very generous and kind hearted women who gave us Lunch and supported to display our activity in front of the restaurant. There was good coverage of Ackron beacon journal and the local radio station which took intereview of us.

18Th Started from Canton after taking breakfast which was again offered by the ARCADIA grille. Maria blessed us and we started hiting route 62 passing by Neverre, Willmot, Winesburg, Berlin, Millersburg, Kill Buck, Brinkheaven and Danvill where we halted there. The route was so bad and lots of ups and downs and time consuming. Total miles covered was 72 miles.

19th From Danville we passed Millwood, Martinsburg, Utica, Johnstone, New Alabani, Gahanna and Columbus with the same route 62. Total miles covered 58 miles due to very bad topography.

20th Got to go from Columbus after setting up our bikes with minor problems. We are heading to Cincinnati 120 approx. I will keep you all updated as we go.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 16, 2008 - Meadville - Youngstown, OH (102 km)

Saturday, 14th June 2007

Meadville - Youngstown

Mileage covered ? 64 miles

Blooming valley ??Rt 7?..Meadville?Rt 7?Conneaut Lake?Rt 7.Hartstown?Rt 18?.Adamsville?Rt 18?Greenville?Rt 18?....Clarck Jt?Rt 18??Hermitage?Rt 322????West Middlesex??Rt 7?Harbbard?Rt 7?.Youngstown.

We started journey before Meadville at Blooming valley. The day was drizzling and raining. Nomatterwhat we happened to put on our rain suits and kept covering the distance. We covered 69 miles for the day and we halt at Risqué Mission of YMCA. Got free food and shelter. There is something like military discipline in the Risqué mission. What is wired about the Youngtown is that the place seems to be hit by curfew as it appears. Hardly people are out on weekends like today, Sunday. I also heard that there is lot of crime happening and most of them related to cracks.

We wanted to raise meager funds as we had been doing on the way from the countryside but it may not be possible here as we hardly see a lively environment.

Aids Ride 2008 is organizing the first ad hock mobile hub at Risqué mission, Youngstown, Ohio. The opportunity was offered by Mr. Frank to us whilst our stay there. The mobile hub could be either before or after the dinner on 15th night.

15 th June Sunday 2008

Today we took complete rest at the Rescue Mission of YMCA, we were fortunate to have complete diet or nutritious food there and the system is pretty much like military system. Then we happen to do our first ad hock seminar on HIV and briefed about AIDS 2008 as a part of AIDS Ride 2008 mobile hub.

This was the first time to me to organise an event or speak to a community in USA. I happen to learn that the "homeless" are discriminated as "high risk group" by the government of USA and anyone who lives in there can no more donate blood to any blood donation camps or any individual. Its so weired to know such a bold discrimination persisting in states. Whatsoever, there I see people more joyful and made good friends in there who were all impressed with our biking.

16th June Monday 2008

Started from Youngstown and reached Canfield Library to do online work. We are on the way to Canton to organise a Peace tiles project with our local partners Global peace tiles and Eyeclectics, Canton, USA. The event would be in the downtown of Canton. The pics and small vedio recording are to saved. Please bare with us and as we get convenient with Internet we will forward them. Thank you for understanding.


Surya Prakash Makarla

Steering Committee Executive Member,
AIDS RIDE 2008, Toronto to Mexico City,

Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12, 2008 - Middleport, NY - Jamestown, NY (171 km)

Dear GYCA and friends

This is a rushing email from AIDS Ride 2008, as the day is getting dawn on our ride.

AIDS Ride 2008 route has been deviated from Middleport, as we cancelled our meeting of UNAIDS, HLMeeting at the New York City. We wanted to make a route directly to Mexico city. So we happen to cut down south from middleport, down all the way Alabama, Pambroke, darien lake and Darien center on 9th. The day started with storms and thretening thunders, cluster of clouds, etc altogether it was a freaking ride. But calm down by evening.

From 10th we started from Darien center route 77 to Bennington, route 78 to Java, curries, Cheffe and did night halt at Yorkshire in route 9. The ride was okay. Saw beautiful seans across the way.

11th June Yorkshire route 16 to Machais, 242 to Ashford, ellicotville, little valley, Napoli, and up to Randalph. We did night halt in Randalph. The ride was so ups and downs for miles together, we did biking until 11.30pm inorder for us to reach the target of the day. On the way we met Wonder Blou, a celebraty pet dog that did lots of funraise for the Animal welfare. I will email more details in near future. Tom and Jay are the friends and relatives of the pet dog Blou. The fed us wtih fruits.

12th We took route 394/17 Randalph, Poland center, Folconer and Jamestown. We took bath at YMCA and checked for any ad dock AIDS awareness program.

We are pretty much acquainted with the routing of the map so we will update the latest route map in the site as well. We apologise for the changes in the routes. Please help us in making this event success. Thanks


June 9, 2008 - Niagara Falls to Middleport (53 km)

Dear Gyca and friends

It was a long way down to Lockport and then Middleport and further Medina. Its was drizzling last day as we started early in the morning from the Casino at the Niagara falls and then cool day all nood. It was a time Police caught us while we were on a Limited access Highway unknowingly. We were scared if he would stop us and snach our bikes. However he was bit rude and fortunately did not happen so and then we found other route with the help of a biker and all the way en routed to Tunawanda town and something interesting was we happen to trace a Cycle path across the Erie Canal, such a beatiful location along the way of erie canal tha I cant forget in my life . A perfect view for paintings. Ewa you would like to do so much painting if you were with us. How ever we miss Bart who could direct us in a faster pace!!!

Then we had really a hard time across the Lockport because we did not eat and start our ride thinking that we will find something on our way. Both of us were so tired and almost Nil with energy. One wonderful thing that had happened was an old lady by name Erim walked down with ice candies and cool water whilst we were collapsed under a tree shade. She gave her love like a Goddess and one man next to her door gave us aquafina splash water additionally and it was so touching. The place was Ahermont away from lockport. We happened to relax for 2 hrs in Lockport town. After that took our bike to Gasport and Giri happened to fall down accidentally as he happened to ride on a pedestrian rock. Thank God though nothing happened! We reached safely to Middleport, where we halt for the stormy night. Lots of thunders as the per the news Heavy rain was expected but nothing was hardly there to scare us!!!!!
Javid,I saw your email subject. I as we have targeted to Rochester by noon, I planned to read your email as we reach that destination. I will then reply you. Please make way to publicise our activity as and when you get time and leisure. Please try to contact Radio and TV or MEDIA partner ship. Atleast the local ones like Metero or NOW or Metro is in US also. Ewa and Bart the same and try to create an AIDS RIDE 2008 blog in your website because BLOG is very important please. Try to foward daily news to Media news emails.
Mila, what your dadgave the Map was soooooooooooooooo much useful. Otherwise, we would lost somewhere. Convey my thanks to him, svtlana and papa. Ricardo advised to change some route plan in Mexico. I will change and forward the same to all. Giri says Hi to all.

Lots of love and artistic affections.

646 704 5157 (no T mobile signals in the town of Medina)

June 7, 2008 - Start of the ride - Toronto - Niagara Falls (150 km)

Day 1

Toronto to Niagara Falls - 150 km

We met at Dundas Square at 9 o'clock. The cereemony was short because we were every eager to get on the road before the afternoon heat. The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm, but the wind was blowing towards east slowing us down. After Hamilton it was much better. From theree the wind became our friend and pushed us all thee way to Niagara Falls. We arrived at the border at about 11 o'clock.