Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 9, 2008 - Niagara Falls to Middleport (53 km)

Dear Gyca and friends

It was a long way down to Lockport and then Middleport and further Medina. Its was drizzling last day as we started early in the morning from the Casino at the Niagara falls and then cool day all nood. It was a time Police caught us while we were on a Limited access Highway unknowingly. We were scared if he would stop us and snach our bikes. However he was bit rude and fortunately did not happen so and then we found other route with the help of a biker and all the way en routed to Tunawanda town and something interesting was we happen to trace a Cycle path across the Erie Canal, such a beatiful location along the way of erie canal tha I cant forget in my life . A perfect view for paintings. Ewa you would like to do so much painting if you were with us. How ever we miss Bart who could direct us in a faster pace!!!

Then we had really a hard time across the Lockport because we did not eat and start our ride thinking that we will find something on our way. Both of us were so tired and almost Nil with energy. One wonderful thing that had happened was an old lady by name Erim walked down with ice candies and cool water whilst we were collapsed under a tree shade. She gave her love like a Goddess and one man next to her door gave us aquafina splash water additionally and it was so touching. The place was Ahermont away from lockport. We happened to relax for 2 hrs in Lockport town. After that took our bike to Gasport and Giri happened to fall down accidentally as he happened to ride on a pedestrian rock. Thank God though nothing happened! We reached safely to Middleport, where we halt for the stormy night. Lots of thunders as the per the news Heavy rain was expected but nothing was hardly there to scare us!!!!!
Javid,I saw your email subject. I as we have targeted to Rochester by noon, I planned to read your email as we reach that destination. I will then reply you. Please make way to publicise our activity as and when you get time and leisure. Please try to contact Radio and TV or MEDIA partner ship. Atleast the local ones like Metero or NOW or Metro is in US also. Ewa and Bart the same and try to create an AIDS RIDE 2008 blog in your website because BLOG is very important please. Try to foward daily news to Media news emails.
Mila, what your dadgave the Map was soooooooooooooooo much useful. Otherwise, we would lost somewhere. Convey my thanks to him, svtlana and papa. Ricardo advised to change some route plan in Mexico. I will change and forward the same to all. Giri says Hi to all.

Lots of love and artistic affections.

646 704 5157 (no T mobile signals in the town of Medina)

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