Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 20, Columbus, OH

Reached Canton on the same day and halted at place where we would do our Peace Tiles Project with our collaborator, Hearts comming together. The founder name is Johnstone , an amazing guy who is stuffed with abundant ideas and creativity. He has a blissfull soul and kind hearted. He introduced us his family where we are attached ourself as family members and becomming like brother to the strategic partner. Thats really amazing to experience!!!

17th Tuesday- International Peace Tiles project with Hearts comming together.
We started our project by 11 am at the down town Canton, supported by the ARCADIA Grille, the owner, Maria again amazing and very generous and kind hearted women who gave us Lunch and supported to display our activity in front of the restaurant. There was good coverage of Ackron beacon journal and the local radio station which took intereview of us.

18Th Started from Canton after taking breakfast which was again offered by the ARCADIA grille. Maria blessed us and we started hiting route 62 passing by Neverre, Willmot, Winesburg, Berlin, Millersburg, Kill Buck, Brinkheaven and Danvill where we halted there. The route was so bad and lots of ups and downs and time consuming. Total miles covered was 72 miles.

19th From Danville we passed Millwood, Martinsburg, Utica, Johnstone, New Alabani, Gahanna and Columbus with the same route 62. Total miles covered 58 miles due to very bad topography.

20th Got to go from Columbus after setting up our bikes with minor problems. We are heading to Cincinnati 120 approx. I will keep you all updated as we go.

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