Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12, 2008 - Middleport, NY - Jamestown, NY (171 km)

Dear GYCA and friends

This is a rushing email from AIDS Ride 2008, as the day is getting dawn on our ride.

AIDS Ride 2008 route has been deviated from Middleport, as we cancelled our meeting of UNAIDS, HLMeeting at the New York City. We wanted to make a route directly to Mexico city. So we happen to cut down south from middleport, down all the way Alabama, Pambroke, darien lake and Darien center on 9th. The day started with storms and thretening thunders, cluster of clouds, etc altogether it was a freaking ride. But calm down by evening.

From 10th we started from Darien center route 77 to Bennington, route 78 to Java, curries, Cheffe and did night halt at Yorkshire in route 9. The ride was okay. Saw beautiful seans across the way.

11th June Yorkshire route 16 to Machais, 242 to Ashford, ellicotville, little valley, Napoli, and up to Randalph. We did night halt in Randalph. The ride was so ups and downs for miles together, we did biking until 11.30pm inorder for us to reach the target of the day. On the way we met Wonder Blou, a celebraty pet dog that did lots of funraise for the Animal welfare. I will email more details in near future. Tom and Jay are the friends and relatives of the pet dog Blou. The fed us wtih fruits.

12th We took route 394/17 Randalph, Poland center, Folconer and Jamestown. We took bath at YMCA and checked for any ad dock AIDS awareness program.

We are pretty much acquainted with the routing of the map so we will update the latest route map in the site as well. We apologise for the changes in the routes. Please help us in making this event success. Thanks


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