Saturday, June 21, 2008


Press Release
17th June 2008, Canton, Ohio, USA

Toronto-Mexico City

Dear Media Friends,

It is our pleasure to introduce B’CARE, an NGO working against HIV/AIDS in India and Canada, (registered internationally as a non profit, charitable NGO). We are glad to unveil our strategic partnership/ collaborative local project with Global Peace Tiles and HeArts Coming Together as a part of “AIDS Ride 2008”, Toronto to Mexico City, 7th- June to 3rd August, 2008.

HeArts Coming Together was founded in Canton, Ohio (Origin Station of the "LOVE Train") by John Stone (, and other members, as a link to connect people and with interest to bring positive change to our world >+=> “AIDS Ride 2008” collaborated with HeArts Coming Together and Arcadia Grille to organize a public Peace Tiles workshop on June 17 to support International AIDS awareness.

AIDS Ride 2008 is an affiliated event of AIDS 2008, 17th International AIDS Conference, Mexico City, ( AIDS Ride 2008 is a bike ride project across North America, a cross-country bike ride to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS for Native American and reservoirs of America. The culmination of AIDS Ride 2008 will trigger the opening ceremony of International AIDS Conference 2008. The ride started with a small group from Toronto on 7th June and currently a set of two bikers Giri Kumar Makarla and Surya Prakash Makarla are carrying the base line bike ride to Mexico City.

We eagerly look forward for your partnership and help to spread the message of AIDS in our efforts of AIDS Ride 2008, as working Together We will accomplish our goal!

Surya Prakash Makarla,
Steering Committee Executive Member,
AIDS Ride 2008,
Organizers: B’Care, Bike Rider’s Foundation, Ja In Us Arts, Canada,,,

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