Sunday, July 6, 2008

June 30th - Now at Memphis, Tennessee!!!

24th Tuesday, 2008

Number of miles covered: 55 miles

We had wonderful stay at Louisville, where Dr. Elizebeth is an amazing lady who has lot many project to her credits and author of many books too. She is currently working on a Clean water for drinking project with water purifiers. And for me its life time opportunity to live and learn things from her. She is brain full of thoughts of positive power like my American brother, John Stone at Canton. Dr. Eliz gave us great hospitality since last before night. We were missing something as we were discovering that we are leaving that temple home of music and miracles, the silent instruments of all kinds and the cosmic attraction of the love train that we learned from my brother and friend, John stone, everything seems to be the connectivity of all positive powers of the heading in one direction together for a positive changes in the global community. Never the less I have my ticket for the "Love train" that originated from Canton, Heartscommingtogether organization. The one very important thing that I learned from Dr. Liz is that, 'to acknowledge or make space and time to reward others who helped you immediately'. This is something we just ignore or forget as we take some service from others but she makes a difference in life by doing so and in fact setting as an example for all of us to follow too. I observed her lately that she happened to reward the two cops who actually helped us directing and lifting up to Dr. Eliz house. The cops were Lt. Dennis Wine, Officer Larry Johnson. The two amazing and amicable cops that we encountered on our way to Dr. Eliz's house. There is so much to write about experiences there! We had a good dinner at a fish market restaurant along with two other positive powers Alex and Heather, a newly married couple who are very mixing and welcoming!

Another very important character is her sister Marissa the marvelous lady who is too creative and social entrepreneur. She has been into amazing projects of Social useful and productive work that can raise money for the NGOs in African countries.

Well getting back to the tunes of roads and beauties of America, touching the route 61 Started from Brownsboro, Louisville at 2 pm (because I delayed working online until 12 pm noon from 5am and we happen to raise some meager funds for our expenses in some public place near Wal Mart for the very first time. We learned that we got to take permission ahead before one day in order for us to solicit such fund raise with other formalities of filling up forms.) Then we head towards Shephardsville, Bardstown, Lebanon Junction 434/251 and reached Elizebeth town, we halted for the night.

25th Wed, 2008

Number of miles covered: 42 miles

We had to waste morning time for our personal work. We happen to have communication with our families and further happen to do some bank work etc. We bikers were having difference of opinion and have couple of hard discussions during these time. Thus, started 2pm from Elizebeth town, on rd number 62, Cecilia, Stephansburg, Big clifty, Clarcks town and reached the Leitchfield, where we halted at 9pm. We bought crispy chicken for the dinner and pitched our tent in a public park with the help of Sheriff. Here the cops and Sheriff are really amazing guys because they are very helping in nature.

25th Thursday, 2008

Total miles covered: 64 miles

Started early morning 7 am, hitting rd number 62 all the way from Millwood to Caneyville, changed to route number 79 at Aberdeen proceeding towards Morgan town, Dimple, Chandlers Cheppel and the Russelville as the day dawns at 9.30 pm. We again occupied the public park to pitch our tent. We happen to notice couple of guys and gals getting around with malicious activities. However, we were safe and out of their scean.

26th Friday, 2008

Total distance covered: 73 miles

Started from Russelville by 8 am, proceeded towards route 79 hitting Guthrie, we noticed lots of ups and downs in the state of Kentachy and the early of Tennessee, Bethlehem, Clarcksville, Oakwood, Big rock and reached Dover to sleep that night. It was a great joy crossing from one state to another from more clear and touching route through bikes, unlike by air, bus or car. We can only feel as we pass by the border a kind of strange experience and blissfulness and the partial accomplishments!!!

27Th Saturday 2008

Total miles covered: 84 miles

Something very interesting is that crossing the Tennessee river, it was so close by the river over the long bridge crossing whilst the fishing and boating were exotic and thrilling to watch! Just before that we took hard ride climbing very very big hills with thick forest, as we pass after the Dover. The bike tires are tiresome to roll on with ease because of the untoward texture of the four way road. It doesn't matter if the road is wide open and big but it does matter a lot with the persisting texture of the path!

Started from Dover, hitting the same 79 route, on the bank of the river we got this amazing lady called Brunda who is the owner of the Deli store who offered us free, everything that we need. As she saw us parking the bikes and learned, she happen to donate $20 along with some drinks and energy bars, t-shirts, etc. We were so please with her gesture and took a photo with her. Further, we covered Oakhill, INDIA, Paris, Routon, Henry, McKenzie, Atwood, Milan and reached Humboldt to do our night halt.

Another nice cop helped us pitch our tent near a motel called Heritage where we discovered an Indian family. They helped us too with a break fast and cool drinks. We also happen to meet an amazing couple near Milan, who all the way stop over us to offer dinner at Burger King. The couple were Nathen and his wife disciples of God! They reminded us the sayings of Jesus and some lessons that paves way to reach the son of God! But actually this one who gave us food, looks like Jesus!!!

29th Sunday 2008

Total distance covered: 90 miles

Started from Hamboldt early in the morning after breakfast at the Heritage, again routing 70/79 covering Gadsen, Fruitvale, Bells, Brownsville, Stanton, Keeling, Mason, Gallaway, Arlington and Bartlett further reached to Cardova, and slept at the Sikh Temple by 2am due to online working for 2 hours at a restaurant. There were couple of people and families and shops who offered us free drinks all the way we are traveling. The people are so welcoming most of the time. We were always cheered by the people traveling in the car, with sign of "Victory and Challenge" encouraging us peddle by peddle, as we bike the roadways of America!!! Got a call from Channel 3 Wreg tv, local TV as they were awaiting to take up the coverage.

30th Monday 2008

Resting at Memphis, working online from the Cardova Branch Library, meeting with Wreg tv and planning for a Free hugs campaign for fight against the stigma and discrimination that people living with HIV and the affected communities are facing.

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