Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 28, 2008 - AIDS RIDE 2008, Now in Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico. WE HAVE REACHED OUR DESTINATION!!!

17th July 2008, Wednesday, Bike fixing, Wadwani, DR. Surya Prakash, further to Immigration Mexico reached Metamoros, slept at Pemix

18th July 2008, Friday, reached San Fernando covering 86 miles, I met Lopez Garza, my bike wheel was too much damaged so as I reached the place I happened to look for a bike shop who can fix it proper and it took 10pm that night when I met Lopez Garza, who has been charged for killing someone else and jail return. This man owns a bike shop now and narrates his story to me. And also he talks about sex, women and prostitution. He says, a man can find a healthy woman for sex if she has Medical certificate in her pocket. He also told me that she will charge 10$ to 50$ Mexican Pesos!

When I observed him he was heavy drinker and was bit difficult for him to do the job. His brother did the task.

19th July 2008, Saturday, Total distance traveled 40km: We did tube fixing in the morning and got a cell phone card, started our biking from12 pm San Fernando to Zemenz,

20th July 2008, Sunday, Zemenz To CD Victoria, gas station Pemex slept.
Total distance covered: 90 Km

21st July 2008, Monday, CD Victoria to CD Mante on route 101, Total distance covered: 128 km

From 101 CD Victoria the enrooted to 85 heading to Ileara of 45 km, Limon of 67 Km and 16 km to CD Mante

22nd July 2008, Tuesday, CD Mante to 25 Km to Antiguo Morelas and 65 km to CD Valles. Total distance covered: 90 km

23rd Wednesday July 2008, CD Valles to Thaman
Total distance covered: 126 km
Problems: High altitude, hypoxia, headache etc

Started from CD Valles, 20 Km to Alvaro Obregor and then to Thamazunchale of about 90 km and 15 km to Thaman. Slept at Thaman.

24th Thursday July 2008, Thaman to Veije ville
Total distance covered: 40 km
Problems: Lots of fog, hills of great altitude, headache etc.

Met Husay and his family, amazing, made us eat food from his home and gave us shelter

25th July 2008, Friday Veije to Zimapan
Met Sushi, Nurse, Antonio of 17 years a college dropout due to college assisted deportation through Immigration services to Mexico. This guy doesn't know what is AIDS/ SIDA. I saw him at the peak hills near Jacala boozing with his friends. I wondered how he missed his lessons from his high school in USA

26th July 2008, Saturday Zimapan- Actopan- Pachuca
Route number: 85
Distance covered: 50+58+30= 138 Km

Problems faced: Mountain biking, rain, minor accident due to dissolved shoulder, Night biking.

We started our biking from the out cuts of Zimapan, at a Pemex gas station. Started by 8.30 am. Started biking towards the same 85-route number to reach Ixmiquilpan. The route was too curvy and comparatively easy while climbing down for about 10 km. The time consuming part is always biking up hill. Reached Ixmiquilpan by noon 1pm and had been to cyber café to respond my emails and then took our Lunch at a restaurant. We were overwhelmed by the emails of Canadian embassy and the IAS to receive us and welcome us!!! It was a nice place though. The waitresses were so impressed with our biking efforts for AIDS Ride 2008. They loved taking pictures and it was so touching that they themselves donated 450 pesos. The time was 15.55 pm by the time we finished our lunch. It was so challenging that we got to hit couple of more hills ahead. We passed 10 km and just then raining. We had to stand under a local sandwich shop until the rain poured completely.

We then started hitting further and Giri was so happy to bike on a flat route after couple of days of hill biking. But we had to again hit the first hill, then it was flat for few kms and then we hit another hill near Actopan. It was day dawn and we kept biking all the way because our target for the day needs to closer, therefore we did hit the road until 3am covering 138 km. We still decided to go further but Giri fell down and we were disappointed and plan to halt at a Pemex gas station/ Oxxo until the Sun rises. I am typing at the same place now. Here I met Quauhtlan, a 18 yr old guy who works inside Oxxo. He is drop out from High school. He knows AIDS is a disease but don't know how it is spread etcetera.

27th Tueday, July 2008
Total distance covered is: 72 Km, Pachuca to Mexico City
Problems: Puncture, extreme cold

It was night; by the time we reached Gurudwara, Sikh Center of Mexico City. The Guruji helped us but only for that night. We took food and slept in the 2 floor of his home

28th July 2008, Wednesday
Prepared to come out of Sikh Center by 8 am and Guruji wanted to hide the address of the Sikh Temple or Gurudwara. The actual problem is all internal politics that pin his mouth tight. However, he has a little humanity. The other place we went was ISKON, hare ram hare Krishna temple. It was so awesome to see many Mexicans with Indian culture. It was so blissful to watch a Mexican lady with Indian traditions of Saree and Bindi make her so blissful to watch!!! I spoke to the Principia prabhu. He took permission from his higher officials and then accepted our request. We got media coverage in enreda2tv and then headed to IAS and local hosting of AIDS 2008 body, got coverage in Fleishman Hillard Public Relations Agency, in charge of relation to IAS the media. He denied our request for 2 weeks and asked us to vacate by 2 days, It was shocking though because t is due to the Coke!!! I was silent and accepted his interests. We were searching for accommodation, further inquiring many places. We did hair cut costing 60$ pesos for both of us. The person was looking like a hermaphrodite or transgender. Her name Mischell. We came back to our place and took prasad food and I started working on Internet while Giri slept.

July 22, 2008 - AIDS RIDE 2008, Now in Ciudad Mante, Mexico / Press release Brownsville

Dear friends,

Please have a look at the press coverage of AIDS Ride 2008 and enjoy -

July 15, 2008 - AIDS RIDE 2008, Toronto - Mexico City, Now at Brownsville!!! This morning going to Mexico!!!!

Dear friends Please read the blog and enjoy

10th July 2008, continued…..
We guys almost covered 35 miles in the city. It was a very long way though. We almost reached 59 route by 10 pm and we were searching for a place to pitch the tent. The cop told us that we can not pitch anywhere in the city limits and we happened to search for a gas station and ultimately we found one at Gassner for pitching up there. He was Mr. Abid from Pakistan. We got some free snacks and drinks that night to eat as dinner.

11th July 2008, Thursday
Total miles covered:

Woke up at 6.30 am and packed up every thing and finished daily routines to continue on the same route 59 at Gassener to Missori City, Sugarland, 7 miles to Richmond, 9 miles to Beasley, 5 miles to Kendleton, 6 miles to Hungerford, 6 miles to Warton, McKey, 9 miles to Pierce, 3 miles to El Campo, 7 miles to Louise, 8 miles to Ganado and my bike got slow puncture and we were afraid if it completely blows the air out before our destination. However, we gave an air blow with out healing the tube and then tried to find a space at a gas station again. We patched the puncture and took much time to do for pending tubes. Giri was tired and wants to sleep soon. The lady at the gas station was Lucy and she was awesome and actually tried to help us by getting permission from the manager. Fortunately the manager is an Indian. We noticed many Indians; especially from Gujju community owns many gas stations and Motels on our way in TX! Giri had good sleep but he was hitting me all the night with his legs as he pulls up and jerks down!!!

12th July 2008,
Total miles covered: 88 miles
Problems faced: Very hot and opposite winds

Started from Ganado on the to edna covering 9 miles with couple of miles biking, then 10 miles to Inez, 7 miles to Telferner, 8 miles to Victoria, did bike repair, Giri's back wheel was changed. I got my hopping problem solved by a soap solution!

13th July 2008,
Total miles covered 73 miles
Problems: Very hot day

Started from Victoria, 13 miles to Mc Faddin, 9 miles to Vidauri, 15 miles to Refugio, 5 miles to Bonnie, 18 miles to Sinton, 7 miles to Odem and 7 miles to Calallen and found Comfort Inn for pitching our tent. The young guy, Managing Director, Dhiren. He seems to be a gentleman of great values as he walked down to us to give couple of Water bottles for drinking! Most of our journey was pretty much like desert and hardly we can find a gas station to look for a water bottle or shade. We saw no homes but lots of cultivation for some distance and after that waste lands, lots of baby snakes died on the road, saw a live baby snake with a greenish and brown stripes on it lying on the hot road, passed under my feet whilst peddling. We finished water and the remaining water we have is hot water due to extreme hot biking so we were seeking some one who can give us water, one Mr. Joe a Mexican stopped by and gave us Dr. Pepper and water bottles. Our journey was pretty much like very hot and thursty and solitude. Took lots of energy to pass by covered area due to hotness and opposite wind currents etc. We had a great Mexican food at Refugio offered b Taqarias Gaudalajara, heavy rush and great taste. We filled our stomach and bike again non-stop up to Calallen. Took dinner hear after covering total of 88 miles.

Monday July 14th 2008
Total miles biking: 70 miles, Collalen to Border Patrol
Problems faced: Very hot climate, opposite currents, etc

Started from Colallen, 13 miles to Driscoll, 7 miles to Bishop, 13 miles to Ricardo, 9 miles to Riveira, 6 miles to Sarita and 60 miles hardly we get any thing on the road. It's barely wastelands and did 30 miles heading towards the Kingsville, started our desert route. Lots of Cactus plants around us and I have seen wild buffaloes and lots of horses living in the forest. I hardly see deer unlike the northern and central US region. More frequently, I can see lot of dead vipers and rattle snakes on the road. The day was super hot and sucked my sweat. Lots of sweat drops were shedding all over my face and body including on my goggles! My body is being drench everyday ever since I started my ride in Texas.

We made our last 7 miles ride resting area to US border petrol office and wanted to pitch our tent but we had to come back 8 miles to resting area and do our night halt, as recommended by federal department of US border patrol department.

Tuesday, 15 and 16th July 2008
Total miles covered: 15th 92 miles Border Patrol to Brownsville, 16th resting
Problems encountered: Most dry biking, Dehydration, baby Snakes under pedals, "Housefly size mosquitoes", Oh my god!!!

Again riding the same 8 miles from Border Patrol to 6 miles to Armstrong, 9 miles to Norias, 9 miles, to Rudolph, 14 miles, to Reymonds, 10 miles to Sebastan, 7 miles to Combes, 11 miles to Harlingen, 8 miles to San Bineto, 9 miles to Olmito, 13 miles to Brownsville. The day was horrible and completed our drinks of 2 gallons that we were carrying. We met an amazing gentleman on our way whilst seeking for water, as we signed swinging water bottle. His name is Joe Capistrino, great guy who became a friend as we landed in Brownsville. He offered us accommodation in a motel called 6. He was taking care of us all the time here and before we enter our room we saw lot of fruits bought by him!!! He is very hilarious and bubbling guy. He make everyone laught and until they get cramp to the obdomen muscles!!! It was a lovely dinner the next day we had with his family. His wife Ana and sweet kids Chalse and Joevanna. The other pretty kid lives in a city away from them and she works for Toyota. Giri and yself were having difference of opinion and we were shouting at eachother. Soon after we got a call from Joe and I guess the motel people gave a Joe!!! It was sad and worrying after we were rage.

July 10, 2008 - AIDS Ride 2008, Toronto to Mexico City, Now at Houston, TX!

5th July 2008,

Number of miles covered: 83 miles, Minden to Carthage

Problems encountered: Guys on Mervana

Entered Texas.

Route: 79 all the way to Carthage

We both had a great sleep in the downtown Minden, which is center of the Civic center, under a big tree. We were fortunate to see the hoisting flag on the Birthday of America or the Independence Day. Early in the morning one of the cop donated some hot dogs but it did not help us because we were afraid if it is made of pork or beef. So we just did not take it. The Police department of Minden are so nice that they asked us to use their restrooms before we start our further venture. As we started towards Carthage covering couple of towns like 16 miles to Princeton, 17 miles to Bossier City, 3 miles to Shreveport and further…Bethany, Panola, De Berry, River Hill and Carthage. But we happen to reach the Carthage by late night. Giri was almost imbalanced when he hit a worn out tire on the road that night but luckly he was saved but huge loss to the bike's back wheel. We noticed the back wheel was damaged to a great level, whatsoever, the last 30 miles was continued non- stop biking to Carthage. We pitched our tent beside a gas station. There was Joggi who got us permission to pitch our tent in the premises of gas station where we encountered bad boys who are on cracks or Mervana. They are on more sympathetic in actions and caused huge disturbance to our sleep. They all seem to be very young kids and we just ignored them to continue our life journey!

6th July 2008, Sunday

Number of miles covered: 57 miles, Carthage to Nacogdoches

Problems encountered:

Check routes: 59/ 1970

Started from Carthage early in the morning all the way on route 59, heading to Gary, took 1970 and Timpson, 7 miles to Garrison and 25 miles to Nacogdoches, did our night halt in a Motel

7th July 2008, Monday
Miles covered: 55 miles, Nacogdoches to Corrigan

Route no: 59

Problems faced: 2 times punctured, roads with worn out tires of heavy vehicles that has steel needles, Dogs attacking

Started from Nacogdoches heading 17 miles to Redland, 4 miles to Lufkin, 13 miles to Diboll, 14 miles to Corrigan. Although we were so tired and wasted lot of time due to many other factors, we decided to make it up to Huston by morning but it was way too tiresome and cold that we took a break on the way until early morning. The last night was so sucking because we could neither able to pitch our tent not we could have a good nap. Thus we relaxed and started the next morning.

8th July 2008
Total miles covered: 92 miles from Corrigan to Houston, on 59 route

Problems encountered: 2 more punctures, Dogs attacking, heavy traffic in the Free Ways of suburbs of Houston to into the downtown

From Corrigan we continued on route 59, the same path covering Moscow 6 miles, Leggett 7 miles, Newswillard 2 miles, Livingston 6 miles, Goodrich 8 miles, 4 miles of Urbana, 4 miles of Sheapherd, 12 miles of Cleaveland, 9 miles of Splendora, 6 miles of New Caney where we will enter the 'Free Way' road which is heavy traffic and vehicles passing 70 miles/ hr. The traffic seemed to be crazy that for every ½ mile fusing branched ways and bifurcating exists are non-stop and high speed, which are very dangerous than interstate highways. These freeways are high speed 4 miles of Porter, 7 miles of Humble, then we enter the Houston City covering 9 miles to Little York on 'Freeway' and Houston. The time was consumed so much biking in the downtown of Humble to Houston. It was 1 am by the time we reached Gurudwara Sikh temple at Breen. Unfortunately we have had missed our dinner and the kitchen is being locked by the worker in the temple. However, we were able to get the accommodation. Thank god!

One weird thing about our downtown ride whilst passing by the West Montgomery and Victoria intersection about what we heard that's the route is so dangerous as reported by the local public. The locals due to the extreme poverty might even shoot us for the pair of shoes we have!!! No matter what, we passed in the same way since it was the shortest way at that point and we also spoke to the Department of Police in the W. Montgomery rd, who suggested us not to stop by any where and talk to a stranger for any directions and just keep peddle up to our destination. God saved us all our way!

9th July 2008, Wednesday,
complete rest at Gurudwara temple, working on updates, evening visited the Sam's Club for solicitation permit. We met Mr. Thomas the manager, who asked us check with the Marketing Department tomorrow.

10th July 2008, Thursday, Started from Gurudwara temple by 6.15 am to Sam's Club fund raise activity/ happen to meet Mr. Chris Stoerner for permission. Fortunately got permission to do the fund raise activity by 10 am. So we are waiting and working on updates as what I am doing now!!!! We were again discontinued for solicitation due to some internal problems of the staff, which is something weird!!! We came back and now thinking to move forward in our biking.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 5th - Now at Minden, Lousiana, Update BLOG and introducing John Stone as a Steering Member, AIDS Ride 2008!

Dear Friends

I have attached the blogs of the previous days. Our activity is being coordinated vigorously by an amazing gentleman whom we discovered in Canton, connected by our Tiles master Lars. This is John Stone who is creator of "HeArtscommingtogether" and pioneer in Photography & Journalism, a driver of Love train & Free hugs and many more! He is helping AIDS Ride 2008 to a great extent all the way we are hiting. Please meet this amazing guy at

Blogs are attached down, read and enjoy

Our stay at Gurudwara was so cool but hurting. Unlike anyother Gurudwara the Priest can't use his power to offer shelter for a stranger. This was something wiered. And it annoyed me when the priest says, we got to out and pitch our tent that night after all hospitality given by the same, like food, shelter during the day, bathing, Langer etc. This shows the people are out of the charity mission unlike the other Gurudwaras. One contradiction what I also found was that we are the first person to stay in the Gurudwara but the President, Dr. Bandra told me that it's a small set and lots of stragers and truck drivers are always accommodated. This was pretty much in contriduction!

Whatsoever, I told them boldly that we got permission from Dr. Bandra which the priest was ignoring as he did not get any message from him, where he failed to do his proper work!!!

1st July 2008, Tuesday

Total Miles covered: 88 miles

Problems faced: Dog Menace, Very Hot day, Hitch Hackers threat

Started our journey from Gurudwara by 9am after calling to Ganya and his friend from Channel 3. All calls were hopeless though. We started for the day. Giri was so missing his family. He wants to argue with me for the phone call what he wants to do whilst I have only 3.6 dollars in the phone and we have 6 dollars in the pocket! I kept silent saying no to the phone call due to the critical situation. Then we happen to meet the Bobby very good Channel 3 media guy who did awesome coverage of AIDS Ride 2008. However, we were missed after the final shot and could not collect any business cards as we planned L.

Well, we covered 30 miles all the way in the city on Walnut groove road and Union Avenue towards the 70/79 & the Crump Blvd further on highway from the bridge, then broad view road connecting the West Memphis in Arkansas. The bridge we cross before actually divides the Tennessee and the Arkansas. We were glad to step in the new state and felt the coverage satisfactions! It was so long time to catch the 79 route from that we really had to look the map couple of times more. However, we could get in to it. Before that Mr. Khalid the Deli shop owner donated 20$ and gave us good food and drinks we need. He is from Palestine. We were completely satisfied and full to hit the 79 all the way to Chatfield 10 miles, Huges 6 miles, Brickeys 8 miles, 24 miles to Marianna. Altogether covering 88 miles approximately.

One weired thing was that nights journey in a statutory warning area that was written, "Penintiary Area', Beware of Hitchhikers". We actually did not get the meaning of that and were scared after crossing Brickeys. The time was so dark, we were with torch, the dogs chased us but narrowly saved ourselves. We hold the guts continuing for all the 204 miles with a non-stop hit, until the destination of the day was reached.

2nd July 2008,

Number of miles covered: 77 miles

Problems confronted: Hot day, ride in wild Forests

Started from Marianna covered 20 miles to Monroe, met Stacy, a restaurant manager who gave us complete and rich food to ride and cover a great distance. Reached Monroe, 12 miles to Clarendon, 13 miles to Ulm, 7 miles to Stuggut, 8 miles to Humphery, 7 miles to Wabbasekha and 10 miles lastly reached Pine Bluff, the destination of the day. The last 20 miles was freaking as usual, riding in wild life refuge/forest area at the bank of the rivers. During nighttime we pretty much do non-stop 10 to 20 miles with a continuous biking! We happen to meet Tempa a lady from Stuggart who narrates the minimal schooling, lack of transport, mosquito menace etc. It's so surprising that GFATM works only for developing nations but indeed there are people from developed nations like in Americas needs the same attention!!! The reason because lots of factories are in the city limits which are throwing off the chemical wastes in the city canals and lots of swamps and putrified flora across the canal and the linked path were so much noticed. People hardly talk about AIDS except what they have learned in schooling!!! I hardly notice any USAID branch working in the deep Americas, unlike NACO or SACO in India!!!

Total miles covered:

3rd July 2008,

Total miles covered: 89 miles

Started 7 am from Pine Bluff from a Motel where we pitched our tent called America's Best Inns& Suites. There was a receptionist who was so amicable and helped us find a place to halt for the last night. As we started from Pine Bluff hitting 79 covering 8 miles to Watson Chappel, 20 miles to Risen, 9 miles to Kingsland, 7 miles to Fordyce. We covered 4+3+15 miles tracking on 167 from Fordyce and then reached the Hampton and 16 miles to Calion a non-stop peddling. The day was dawn and the got ready with flash lights and torch and covered 12 miles to El Dorado by 9.30 pm. Today our rate of riding was 10 miles per hour on an average. We got great lunch offered at Fordyce, I forget to collect his name. And we lastly pitched our tent at a Gas station in El Dorado suburbs. There was no good sleep infact, lots of sound and running trucks and parking trucks with their engine on through out the night, very suffocating and hot to lay down. We then removed the cover of the tent for more ventilation which was better actually and able to take a nap at 3am!!!

4th July 2008,

Total miles covered: 65 miles

Problems confronted: Numerous hills, bad road texture, Dog menace, and very hot climate, a ride across National Forests

Started at El Dorado, 9.30 am at a Gas station. We have met few young ladies who were working in the gas station helped us pitch our tent last night. These ladies Buggsy, Nikki, Mariah and Sheryl were so nice to us and one of them Vikki saw me wearing a formal shoes was upset and she immediately visited a shoe mart 5 miles in downtown and brought 2 pairs of shoes for me and Giri. It was so touching and pleasing. They all quoted me to marry a "Black American Women if I like one" as they noticed me as single. It was a nice experience and back on roads biking 19 miles up to junction city on 167, then happen to ride on 79/ 9 Highway, passing Summerfield 12 and 15 miles to Homer. We met a couple of families in Homer and interviewed to openly talk about HIV/AIDS and what they know about that and how close is USAIDS/ UNAIDS helping different communities in these towns and villages. I learned that the intensity of the activities is not that much because every one have access to HIV info during their schooling, I wonder how much they update them selves does matter a lot of how much they are open about it what it matters. Those families were blacks and they are pretty bold to talk about AIDS and Sex, unlike Whites from the towns and villages who are introverts. Therefore, they are fine. And covered 19 miles to Minden, we were attacked by Dogs just before reaching this city. I really wonder the owners of the dogs just leave them out on public is unfair. This is fifth time we were encountering such dog menace that I forgot to mention in previous blogs. We reached 8 pm in the night and happen to meet couple of Boys and Girls who noticed us riding long distances were so pleased to offer us food, immediately taking dollars from their purse and offered us Hot dogs and drinks.

June 30th - Media coverage

Dear friends and well wishers I am glad to let you know that AIDS Ride 2008 is getting media attention eventually. There was a good coverage in the couple of journels like Acron Beacon Journal from Canton, OH, Murry Ledger Journal, KY, Kentuchy Post, Rexshow radio station in OH etc. We have Wreg tv interview probably today or tomorrow. Please watch and enjoy as it is audible or visible or tangible!!! Some of this coverage is not procured by meself but our friends and steering members are having it. I will pass that soon.please have a look at this coverage:

Still long way to gooooo.....

June 30th - Now at Memphis, Tennessee!!!

24th Tuesday, 2008

Number of miles covered: 55 miles

We had wonderful stay at Louisville, where Dr. Elizebeth is an amazing lady who has lot many project to her credits and author of many books too. She is currently working on a Clean water for drinking project with water purifiers. And for me its life time opportunity to live and learn things from her. She is brain full of thoughts of positive power like my American brother, John Stone at Canton. Dr. Eliz gave us great hospitality since last before night. We were missing something as we were discovering that we are leaving that temple home of music and miracles, the silent instruments of all kinds and the cosmic attraction of the love train that we learned from my brother and friend, John stone, everything seems to be the connectivity of all positive powers of the heading in one direction together for a positive changes in the global community. Never the less I have my ticket for the "Love train" that originated from Canton, Heartscommingtogether organization. The one very important thing that I learned from Dr. Liz is that, 'to acknowledge or make space and time to reward others who helped you immediately'. This is something we just ignore or forget as we take some service from others but she makes a difference in life by doing so and in fact setting as an example for all of us to follow too. I observed her lately that she happened to reward the two cops who actually helped us directing and lifting up to Dr. Eliz house. The cops were Lt. Dennis Wine, Officer Larry Johnson. The two amazing and amicable cops that we encountered on our way to Dr. Eliz's house. There is so much to write about experiences there! We had a good dinner at a fish market restaurant along with two other positive powers Alex and Heather, a newly married couple who are very mixing and welcoming!

Another very important character is her sister Marissa the marvelous lady who is too creative and social entrepreneur. She has been into amazing projects of Social useful and productive work that can raise money for the NGOs in African countries.

Well getting back to the tunes of roads and beauties of America, touching the route 61 Started from Brownsboro, Louisville at 2 pm (because I delayed working online until 12 pm noon from 5am and we happen to raise some meager funds for our expenses in some public place near Wal Mart for the very first time. We learned that we got to take permission ahead before one day in order for us to solicit such fund raise with other formalities of filling up forms.) Then we head towards Shephardsville, Bardstown, Lebanon Junction 434/251 and reached Elizebeth town, we halted for the night.

25th Wed, 2008

Number of miles covered: 42 miles

We had to waste morning time for our personal work. We happen to have communication with our families and further happen to do some bank work etc. We bikers were having difference of opinion and have couple of hard discussions during these time. Thus, started 2pm from Elizebeth town, on rd number 62, Cecilia, Stephansburg, Big clifty, Clarcks town and reached the Leitchfield, where we halted at 9pm. We bought crispy chicken for the dinner and pitched our tent in a public park with the help of Sheriff. Here the cops and Sheriff are really amazing guys because they are very helping in nature.

25th Thursday, 2008

Total miles covered: 64 miles

Started early morning 7 am, hitting rd number 62 all the way from Millwood to Caneyville, changed to route number 79 at Aberdeen proceeding towards Morgan town, Dimple, Chandlers Cheppel and the Russelville as the day dawns at 9.30 pm. We again occupied the public park to pitch our tent. We happen to notice couple of guys and gals getting around with malicious activities. However, we were safe and out of their scean.

26th Friday, 2008

Total distance covered: 73 miles

Started from Russelville by 8 am, proceeded towards route 79 hitting Guthrie, we noticed lots of ups and downs in the state of Kentachy and the early of Tennessee, Bethlehem, Clarcksville, Oakwood, Big rock and reached Dover to sleep that night. It was a great joy crossing from one state to another from more clear and touching route through bikes, unlike by air, bus or car. We can only feel as we pass by the border a kind of strange experience and blissfulness and the partial accomplishments!!!

27Th Saturday 2008

Total miles covered: 84 miles

Something very interesting is that crossing the Tennessee river, it was so close by the river over the long bridge crossing whilst the fishing and boating were exotic and thrilling to watch! Just before that we took hard ride climbing very very big hills with thick forest, as we pass after the Dover. The bike tires are tiresome to roll on with ease because of the untoward texture of the four way road. It doesn't matter if the road is wide open and big but it does matter a lot with the persisting texture of the path!

Started from Dover, hitting the same 79 route, on the bank of the river we got this amazing lady called Brunda who is the owner of the Deli store who offered us free, everything that we need. As she saw us parking the bikes and learned, she happen to donate $20 along with some drinks and energy bars, t-shirts, etc. We were so please with her gesture and took a photo with her. Further, we covered Oakhill, INDIA, Paris, Routon, Henry, McKenzie, Atwood, Milan and reached Humboldt to do our night halt.

Another nice cop helped us pitch our tent near a motel called Heritage where we discovered an Indian family. They helped us too with a break fast and cool drinks. We also happen to meet an amazing couple near Milan, who all the way stop over us to offer dinner at Burger King. The couple were Nathen and his wife disciples of God! They reminded us the sayings of Jesus and some lessons that paves way to reach the son of God! But actually this one who gave us food, looks like Jesus!!!

29th Sunday 2008

Total distance covered: 90 miles

Started from Hamboldt early in the morning after breakfast at the Heritage, again routing 70/79 covering Gadsen, Fruitvale, Bells, Brownsville, Stanton, Keeling, Mason, Gallaway, Arlington and Bartlett further reached to Cardova, and slept at the Sikh Temple by 2am due to online working for 2 hours at a restaurant. There were couple of people and families and shops who offered us free drinks all the way we are traveling. The people are so welcoming most of the time. We were always cheered by the people traveling in the car, with sign of "Victory and Challenge" encouraging us peddle by peddle, as we bike the roadways of America!!! Got a call from Channel 3 Wreg tv, local TV as they were awaiting to take up the coverage.

30th Monday 2008

Resting at Memphis, working online from the Cardova Branch Library, meeting with Wreg tv and planning for a Free hugs campaign for fight against the stigma and discrimination that people living with HIV and the affected communities are facing.