Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 15, 2008 - AIDS RIDE 2008, Toronto - Mexico City, Now at Brownsville!!! This morning going to Mexico!!!!

Dear friends Please read the blog and enjoy

10th July 2008, continued…..
We guys almost covered 35 miles in the city. It was a very long way though. We almost reached 59 route by 10 pm and we were searching for a place to pitch the tent. The cop told us that we can not pitch anywhere in the city limits and we happened to search for a gas station and ultimately we found one at Gassner for pitching up there. He was Mr. Abid from Pakistan. We got some free snacks and drinks that night to eat as dinner.

11th July 2008, Thursday
Total miles covered:

Woke up at 6.30 am and packed up every thing and finished daily routines to continue on the same route 59 at Gassener to Missori City, Sugarland, 7 miles to Richmond, 9 miles to Beasley, 5 miles to Kendleton, 6 miles to Hungerford, 6 miles to Warton, McKey, 9 miles to Pierce, 3 miles to El Campo, 7 miles to Louise, 8 miles to Ganado and my bike got slow puncture and we were afraid if it completely blows the air out before our destination. However, we gave an air blow with out healing the tube and then tried to find a space at a gas station again. We patched the puncture and took much time to do for pending tubes. Giri was tired and wants to sleep soon. The lady at the gas station was Lucy and she was awesome and actually tried to help us by getting permission from the manager. Fortunately the manager is an Indian. We noticed many Indians; especially from Gujju community owns many gas stations and Motels on our way in TX! Giri had good sleep but he was hitting me all the night with his legs as he pulls up and jerks down!!!

12th July 2008,
Total miles covered: 88 miles
Problems faced: Very hot and opposite winds

Started from Ganado on the to edna covering 9 miles with couple of miles biking, then 10 miles to Inez, 7 miles to Telferner, 8 miles to Victoria, did bike repair, Giri's back wheel was changed. I got my hopping problem solved by a soap solution!

13th July 2008,
Total miles covered 73 miles
Problems: Very hot day

Started from Victoria, 13 miles to Mc Faddin, 9 miles to Vidauri, 15 miles to Refugio, 5 miles to Bonnie, 18 miles to Sinton, 7 miles to Odem and 7 miles to Calallen and found Comfort Inn for pitching our tent. The young guy, Managing Director, Dhiren. He seems to be a gentleman of great values as he walked down to us to give couple of Water bottles for drinking! Most of our journey was pretty much like desert and hardly we can find a gas station to look for a water bottle or shade. We saw no homes but lots of cultivation for some distance and after that waste lands, lots of baby snakes died on the road, saw a live baby snake with a greenish and brown stripes on it lying on the hot road, passed under my feet whilst peddling. We finished water and the remaining water we have is hot water due to extreme hot biking so we were seeking some one who can give us water, one Mr. Joe a Mexican stopped by and gave us Dr. Pepper and water bottles. Our journey was pretty much like very hot and thursty and solitude. Took lots of energy to pass by covered area due to hotness and opposite wind currents etc. We had a great Mexican food at Refugio offered b Taqarias Gaudalajara, heavy rush and great taste. We filled our stomach and bike again non-stop up to Calallen. Took dinner hear after covering total of 88 miles.

Monday July 14th 2008
Total miles biking: 70 miles, Collalen to Border Patrol
Problems faced: Very hot climate, opposite currents, etc

Started from Colallen, 13 miles to Driscoll, 7 miles to Bishop, 13 miles to Ricardo, 9 miles to Riveira, 6 miles to Sarita and 60 miles hardly we get any thing on the road. It's barely wastelands and did 30 miles heading towards the Kingsville, started our desert route. Lots of Cactus plants around us and I have seen wild buffaloes and lots of horses living in the forest. I hardly see deer unlike the northern and central US region. More frequently, I can see lot of dead vipers and rattle snakes on the road. The day was super hot and sucked my sweat. Lots of sweat drops were shedding all over my face and body including on my goggles! My body is being drench everyday ever since I started my ride in Texas.

We made our last 7 miles ride resting area to US border petrol office and wanted to pitch our tent but we had to come back 8 miles to resting area and do our night halt, as recommended by federal department of US border patrol department.

Tuesday, 15 and 16th July 2008
Total miles covered: 15th 92 miles Border Patrol to Brownsville, 16th resting
Problems encountered: Most dry biking, Dehydration, baby Snakes under pedals, "Housefly size mosquitoes", Oh my god!!!

Again riding the same 8 miles from Border Patrol to 6 miles to Armstrong, 9 miles to Norias, 9 miles, to Rudolph, 14 miles, to Reymonds, 10 miles to Sebastan, 7 miles to Combes, 11 miles to Harlingen, 8 miles to San Bineto, 9 miles to Olmito, 13 miles to Brownsville. The day was horrible and completed our drinks of 2 gallons that we were carrying. We met an amazing gentleman on our way whilst seeking for water, as we signed swinging water bottle. His name is Joe Capistrino, great guy who became a friend as we landed in Brownsville. He offered us accommodation in a motel called 6. He was taking care of us all the time here and before we enter our room we saw lot of fruits bought by him!!! He is very hilarious and bubbling guy. He make everyone laught and until they get cramp to the obdomen muscles!!! It was a lovely dinner the next day we had with his family. His wife Ana and sweet kids Chalse and Joevanna. The other pretty kid lives in a city away from them and she works for Toyota. Giri and yself were having difference of opinion and we were shouting at eachother. Soon after we got a call from Joe and I guess the motel people gave a Joe!!! It was sad and worrying after we were rage.

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