Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 10, 2008 - AIDS Ride 2008, Toronto to Mexico City, Now at Houston, TX!

5th July 2008,

Number of miles covered: 83 miles, Minden to Carthage

Problems encountered: Guys on Mervana

Entered Texas.

Route: 79 all the way to Carthage

We both had a great sleep in the downtown Minden, which is center of the Civic center, under a big tree. We were fortunate to see the hoisting flag on the Birthday of America or the Independence Day. Early in the morning one of the cop donated some hot dogs but it did not help us because we were afraid if it is made of pork or beef. So we just did not take it. The Police department of Minden are so nice that they asked us to use their restrooms before we start our further venture. As we started towards Carthage covering couple of towns like 16 miles to Princeton, 17 miles to Bossier City, 3 miles to Shreveport and further…Bethany, Panola, De Berry, River Hill and Carthage. But we happen to reach the Carthage by late night. Giri was almost imbalanced when he hit a worn out tire on the road that night but luckly he was saved but huge loss to the bike's back wheel. We noticed the back wheel was damaged to a great level, whatsoever, the last 30 miles was continued non- stop biking to Carthage. We pitched our tent beside a gas station. There was Joggi who got us permission to pitch our tent in the premises of gas station where we encountered bad boys who are on cracks or Mervana. They are on more sympathetic in actions and caused huge disturbance to our sleep. They all seem to be very young kids and we just ignored them to continue our life journey!

6th July 2008, Sunday

Number of miles covered: 57 miles, Carthage to Nacogdoches

Problems encountered:

Check routes: 59/ 1970

Started from Carthage early in the morning all the way on route 59, heading to Gary, took 1970 and Timpson, 7 miles to Garrison and 25 miles to Nacogdoches, did our night halt in a Motel

7th July 2008, Monday
Miles covered: 55 miles, Nacogdoches to Corrigan

Route no: 59

Problems faced: 2 times punctured, roads with worn out tires of heavy vehicles that has steel needles, Dogs attacking

Started from Nacogdoches heading 17 miles to Redland, 4 miles to Lufkin, 13 miles to Diboll, 14 miles to Corrigan. Although we were so tired and wasted lot of time due to many other factors, we decided to make it up to Huston by morning but it was way too tiresome and cold that we took a break on the way until early morning. The last night was so sucking because we could neither able to pitch our tent not we could have a good nap. Thus we relaxed and started the next morning.

8th July 2008
Total miles covered: 92 miles from Corrigan to Houston, on 59 route

Problems encountered: 2 more punctures, Dogs attacking, heavy traffic in the Free Ways of suburbs of Houston to into the downtown

From Corrigan we continued on route 59, the same path covering Moscow 6 miles, Leggett 7 miles, Newswillard 2 miles, Livingston 6 miles, Goodrich 8 miles, 4 miles of Urbana, 4 miles of Sheapherd, 12 miles of Cleaveland, 9 miles of Splendora, 6 miles of New Caney where we will enter the 'Free Way' road which is heavy traffic and vehicles passing 70 miles/ hr. The traffic seemed to be crazy that for every ½ mile fusing branched ways and bifurcating exists are non-stop and high speed, which are very dangerous than interstate highways. These freeways are high speed 4 miles of Porter, 7 miles of Humble, then we enter the Houston City covering 9 miles to Little York on 'Freeway' and Houston. The time was consumed so much biking in the downtown of Humble to Houston. It was 1 am by the time we reached Gurudwara Sikh temple at Breen. Unfortunately we have had missed our dinner and the kitchen is being locked by the worker in the temple. However, we were able to get the accommodation. Thank god!

One weird thing about our downtown ride whilst passing by the West Montgomery and Victoria intersection about what we heard that's the route is so dangerous as reported by the local public. The locals due to the extreme poverty might even shoot us for the pair of shoes we have!!! No matter what, we passed in the same way since it was the shortest way at that point and we also spoke to the Department of Police in the W. Montgomery rd, who suggested us not to stop by any where and talk to a stranger for any directions and just keep peddle up to our destination. God saved us all our way!

9th July 2008, Wednesday,
complete rest at Gurudwara temple, working on updates, evening visited the Sam's Club for solicitation permit. We met Mr. Thomas the manager, who asked us check with the Marketing Department tomorrow.

10th July 2008, Thursday, Started from Gurudwara temple by 6.15 am to Sam's Club fund raise activity/ happen to meet Mr. Chris Stoerner for permission. Fortunately got permission to do the fund raise activity by 10 am. So we are waiting and working on updates as what I am doing now!!!! We were again discontinued for solicitation due to some internal problems of the staff, which is something weird!!! We came back and now thinking to move forward in our biking.

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